Investment Upper Coomera

Greg & Carole , 17 Jun 2015

Thank you for your tireless efforts over the years as our property manager, Because of the way you handled everything from vetting prospective tenants  to the  co -ordination of the refurbishment of the house after the fire.  Invoices sent to us on time every time,  documented 100% accurate every time, Monies always in our bank on time. Your attention to detail made our lives at tax time a walk in the park . You did everything from dealing with the insurance company ( Who I might add were also fantastic ) kept an eye on the refurbishment and then found the ideal tenant  whilst keeping us informed every step of the way.  Because of the way you managed all the above we never had to leave Melbourne to check on any works being done knowing you had it completely under control.  The proof was in the pudding  so to speak  when you had Anna & John move in and Anna told you she loved the house and would love to buy it .